I recently got locked out of my account. I would log in and it sent me to a page where it tells me to log in or join.

The two pages repeated one after another no matter what i tried. So i tried to open a new account but couldnt use my info. I tried downloading the app and then tried to sign in to discover my account had been banned. I went to look at the support and community rules and possible reasons why.

I cant think of anytime i was ever rude or used inappropriate launguage. The only part of my body i ever show is my shoulders. I always treat eveyone with respect. I had trouble with scammers on a different site and its quite possible they have used my info to open an account.

Those are the only things i can think of. I understand the privacy of protecting a client if it were a reported incident. I am a person who wants to know what im being accused of. Not every person breaks a rule with malicious intent.

Perhaps ignorance is no excuse but i have not ever read through your guidelines until tonight because i am not an offensive rule breaker. Plus there would be no way to apologize if i had offended someone. I like to make things right.

Please may i have an interview to see if this can be resolved or if i have broken a rule or offended some one please give me the Chance to make this right. Thank you

User's recommendation: Be respectful of yourself and others. Read guidelines and rules before using the app.

Location: Marion, Ohio

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