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help us hunt down these predators and hackers off the net!

our mission is to keep these predators permantley banned from all websites because once and if they get removed, somehow they reappear again! if they are professional hackers/predators it is difficult to keep them controlled! the government should step in and assist the victims and future victims in ending this nightmare! we have to track their ip addresses to what internet service provider they use that way we have access to where they live or do their hacking and abusing from! just like they expose innocent victims identities, the victims need to expose these parasites identies as well! take a look here when stalker daavee exposes a possible teenager! what if he is a sexual ***/serial killer? we just don't know in this crazy world!

this is no joke and should be taken seriously because you just don't know who is out there! we hear so many horrible stories on the news when authorities could have possibly prevented these but they failed to hear my plea!

take a look here when daavee asks my sister to expose her ***! this is degrading and frightful! and also he degrades animals!

take a look here when daavee states, he will re-abuse my sister again! why should she have to be abused yet again! this abuse should have been stopped a long time ago!

take a look here where zoomingin tells my sister to commit suicide and as well tells other user's to end their lives! it's disturbing that these predators are playing professional pyschiatry with people's lives and give false information and instructions! especially if a person is really ill and in need of some comfort!

take a look here where these predators admit to hacking!!!

take a look here where these stalkers speak of racisim and enjoy it and make fun of religion!

take a look here where zoomingin shows us what she does to innocent photo's and their indenities!

these predators/hackers should be imprisioned and fined and never have access to internet again! they are harmful, destructive, and a threat to humanity! wake up! what does it take to get these perverts off the net? we should be able to prevent the worst from happening! my sister has to go on knowing her photo and identity are out there and violated for no reason! she does not know this person and fearful of going through it again as DAAVEE proposes to! why should she and other females be violated and harassed for no reason! okcupid still has not notified us or taken care of this serious issue! i advise not using this dating site! as you can see you can experience all the horror that my sister went through! if you been through this please contact us at

thank you and be safe!

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